Pictures from around the Wicomico and beyond.

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The "Blair Witch House", an abandoned farmhouse not far from us

A duck decoy shop

A waterman's shack on Maryland's Eastern Shore

A waterman (Tyler Compton, actually) with his catch of blue crabs

A Greensnake in the yard

A Black King Snake in the rafters of our boathouse

Another Blacksnake hanging out by our front porch

Will Unsworth and friend

And yet another Blacksnake, this time paying a visit to the Garners next door

A trio of Guinea Hens out for a stroll

An Ospray nest in front of our place

An Ospray looking for dinner

Swans near Cobb Island

A deer pays us a visit

River Road after a light rain

Will and Tyler burining some autumn leaves

A Black Butterfly checks out a blossom on our Mimosa tree

A blossom on the Comptons' Catalpa Tree (sometimes called a "cigar tree" because of its long seed pods)

Sailing on the Wicomico

The "Batboat", a wreck near Camp Saint Charles

Derelict boats near Captain John's

A satilite view of the "Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay"

Mallows bay from the water

A few more of Mallows Bay's derelict ships

The Maryland Dove, near Saint Clement's Island

A view near Cobb Island

A fishtrap in the Potomac River

Some artwork at the Saint Clement's Museum

A view of the reconstruction of the St. Clement's lighthouse, taken from the site of the original lighthouse

Annie Unsworth and her catch of the day

Annie and her record striper

Rusty and his not record Red Drumfish

The First Annual Cousins' Fishing Trip

Matt Unsworth and his 100 pound Red Drumfish

44 Institute Place