Some old photos from the family archive and elsewhere.

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"Great Great Grandfather" William Harrington Beecroft, of Kent, England. Owner of the Star and Garter Pub.

John Robert Beecroft, father of W. G. Beecroft

Elizabeth Corbett Beecroft, mother of WG Beecroft.

The Beecroft Kids, taken at Pelham Manor


W. G. Beecroft

Dick, W. G. Beecroft and Toot

The USS Jason, the gunboat that W. G. served on during the Spainish-American War. It fought in the Civil War as the USS Sangamon

The crew of the USS Jason

Cousin Agnes, need we say more?

Cospolitan Studios was owned by William Randolph Hurst

R. Chester Beecroft, manager of Cosmopolitan Studios

Sinbad, taken on the set of "Little Old New York" in 1923. Starring Marian Davies and Sidney Olcott, a Cosmopolitan Studios production.

Sinbad's ID Card for the Merchant Marine. He spent a week adrift in a lifeboat after his ship was torpedoed in WWII.

And of course with a girl in every port...

Sometimes TWO girls in every port!

Uncle John as a naval cadet. His nickname was "Spider".

An award winning hobo! If only we had a photo of him in costume.

Uncle Henry. While working for George Westinghouse, he invented the dishwasher.

Here's the prototype. When Westinghouse was awarded the patent, Uncle Henry received a one dollar bonus.

Betty, taken during WWII when she was a Red Cross nurse.

Dick during WWII

Dick, Sinbad, Uncle John and Skeet, taken sometime around WWII

Skeet and his first home-built boat

Emmy, Mary Ann, Dick, Granny, Rusty

Everyone's favorite dog

Bob and Russ in their back yard in Chevy Chase

Russell's sister Dorothy

Russell's sister Dottie, quite the babe

And quite the adventurer

The plane belonged to her future (first) husband Bud Brockway, owner of Brockway Pictures

Later in life, Dottie took up painting and was a founder of the Allendale Artists' Society

Cockeye Cottage in Ocean City, New Jersey

A game of croquet

Aunts and Uncles at Cockeye

Cousins at Cockeye

Rusty, Bill Ellis, Russell, Skeet, Crit, Patty McLarney and Richie on the Beach at Ocean City

A 1920s postcard of The wreck of the Sindia, Ocean City NJ

Cousin Mary Ann, all grown up!